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Cleaning Car Upholstery Tips

First off I want to say try to find one reliable source to get your information and stick with that source. With the internet there is endless amounts of information out there and you can get confused from all of the different opinions and approaches out there. Although there are all kinds of cleaning tools and techniques out there cleaning car upholstery is a lot simpler then you think.

Manufacturers have made things very simple for users to use there products, it’s safe and easy to use. If we were to break down cleaning your car interior into a few easy steps here’s how it would look:

Some great places where you can shop online to get the right tools and products are on Amazon or Google car detailing kit and a basic supply of your car detailing products & tools will show up in the results page where you can order what you need to get started.

Here are the basic steps you should take when cleaning your car upholstery:

• First you want to vacuum the dirt up to the best of your ability. You can even use a brush to loosen the dirt up and proceed to vacuum after you done so.
• Next spray the areas that need to be shampooed. Just a few light sprays will do. Next scrub the area with a detail brush. Brush as lightly or aggressively as you need to but be careful not to damage anything. Afterwards mop up the area with a microfiber towel. Repeat the process as often as needed.
• It’s better to lightly apply the spray and go over the areas a couple of different times vs. spraying the area heavily and thinking you can get all the dirt going over it once.
• If the fabric has been neglected for a long period of time even after cleaning it still may not come out completely clean. You should not wait forever to get your car cleaned because if you do it makes it that much harder to restore it to it’s original condition.

Always remember both a quality product and technique is what’s going to get the job done correctly. Always follow the product label instructions. The lighter the interior of your car, the harder it will be to get clean again. No car upholstery cleaner period is going to be able to years of neglect and car abuse.


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