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Cleaning The Car Engine Tips

I know most people fear cleaning the car engine because there afraid of water getting onto electrical connectors & fuses. But fear not, there is a proper way to get this task completed. There are many reasons to get your car engine cleaned up.

Here are few good reasons:

• You’ll just love the look of a nice clean engine.
• Maybe your mechanic would like you to clean it so that he can properly see where a leak is coming from.
• You must realize that dirt is a problem for everything including all parts of your vehicle.

Here are the actual steps to cleaning a car engine:

• You should always make sure the engine is either cool or warm. Never try to clean an engine while it is hot. To test to see if your engine is hot see if you can place your hand on the engine for 20 seconds without removing your hand. If you have to move your hand before 20 seconds is up then it’s too hot.
• Next you should spray the entire engine with degreaser.
• Use brushes to break down the dirt, grease, and oil around the engine.
• Hose the engine with water with a hose that has a nozzle or a pressure washer.
• Use a leaf blower to air dry. Be careful of sensitive areas.
• Wipe down any excess water that got onto the car paint or windows to prevent water spotting. Consider doing this before using the leaf blower.
• Start your engine and allow it to heat up to normal temperature for about 10 minutes.
• Apply some form of dressing to the engine to give it a beautiful shine.
• Enjoy the amazing results of newly detailed engine.

Car Engine Cleaning FAQs

1. Is it true that you should never get your engine wet?
50 years ago that may have been true but not so much with modern day vehicles. The way engines are built these days they are designed to be much more safe from the dangers of being sprayed with water.

2. Do you have have cover certain parts of the engine before you spray the engine with water?
Again modern cars are able to withstand being sprayed with water so that is no longer a problem. If you have a much older vehicle then perhaps covering the electrical connectors and fuses may be necessary.

3. Is it safe to clean the car engine?
Simply put, yes it is. There is no harm is cleaning your car engine.

4. What about the fuse box or alternator getting wet?
Yes and no. If your fuse box is located in the engine bay then it will be safe inside of a fuse box that will keep it secure and safe. Cars today have fuel injection systems that are contained systems that won’t allow water inside. There are a few exceptions such as ford trucks which have the ability to leak water through. Besides that you should be ok.

I’m glad I was able to inform you more about how to clean your car engine. Although I showed you the process and answered some FAQs this is not a service that I provide at this time.

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