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Have your car looking brand new inside and out.


Think about the last time you really gave your car some tinder love and care. It’s probably been awhile.

Maybe your car is new and you want to keep it maintained every few months.

Or maybe your car is new and you want to establish good clean habits.

If that sounds like you then getting a full detail is perfect fit for you.The quality service you will receive will have you amazed and appreciating your car more than ever before.

Customers are delighted with this service because of the transformation that occurs after the detail is complete.

Here goes the detailing procedure:

  1. Clean the door panels and door jambs.
  2. Clean the dash,  center console and seats with non odor chemicals, microfiber towels, and brushes.
  3. Vacuum the interior.
  4. Shampooing the seats and carpets thoroughly.
  5. Odor removal and stain removal. The trunk will be included as well.
  6. Wash the exterior paint thoroughly. As well as the wheels.
  7. Apply a wax layer onto the exterior paint for that glossy look including a protection coat. 
If your exterior looks good to go already and you just want t focus on the interior of your vehicle, then check out the Interior/price


Additional Fees:

  • $20 Interior mold fee.
  • $20 pet hair fee.
  • $20 vomit fee.
  • $20 urine fee.
  • $50 clay bar treatment.

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