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General Question

Besides Kent we service all over Pierce and King County in cities like Auburn, Federal Way, Seattle, and more.

You can either call or email me to set up an appointment

No but if you cannot be there then the payment must be taken care of before you leave.

Yes at your apartment but not at your job site.

Yes. I am located in Kent.

I only accept cash only at this time.

Whether you have a coupe, sedan, SUV, Pickup, Minivan, or Jeep, the cleaning process is always the same. The major difference will be the time it takes to complete a car detail and although a lot of factors come into play the size of the vehicle and the amount of dirt the vehicle has plays a major part in how long the car detail will take. On average it takes about 3-4 hours to detail a vehicle, but if you have a large vehicle combined with more dirt then usual it could take up to 5-6 hours to complete detail. But to be honest it is pretty rare to have vehicles be extremely dirty.

The newer the vehicle the more complicated it can become to detail it. With more compartments and newer materials the vehicle is made of it can make detailing a little more difficult. From vinyl, leather, to different plastics and more, the vehicle can be made up of all types of different materials. But with the right tools, products, and techniques it can still be detailed in a timely fashion.

Interior Only Car Detail FAQ’s

Not at all. I use harsh free chemicals.

I clean the door jambs and door panels. Followed by the centre console and dash surfaces. Then vacuum and shampoo the seats and carpets.

That is not a service I offer.

I cannot guarantee it but I have the right tools and products to greatly improve the situation.

No. That’s not necessary.

Full Detail FAQ’s

No. That requires car paint correction which is not a service I offer.

2 weeks to a month depending on the weather.

Yes. But it’s an additional charge.

A full exterior and interior detail typically takes 3 to 4.5 hours.

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