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How To Wax Your Vehicle Tips

These days there are many different options and approaches you can take to wax your vehicle. There are paste waxes, spray on wax, and even wash & wax combinations. Sometimes having so many choices can be confusing, especially when all of the products claim to be the best for the job. Washing your car isn’t just for it to look good, it actually matters when it comes down to taking care of your car.

You may have a clear coat on your paint which gives your paint some protection but waxing it gives your vehicle another layer of protection from the sun and dirt. Clearcoat is basically painted with no color to it and it’s the 2nd layer that goes on after your base coat or color coat. Your clear coat requires the same care as car paint. All waxes are safe for being put onto the clear coat of a vehicle.

Your car needs to be washed first. This is mandatory. Dirt is harmful to your clear coat. You should be removing the dirt from your vehicle at least every two weeks. Preferably once a week. Make sure you use car wash soap and not an alternative like dish soap. Dish soap is harmful to your clear coat and can remove the wax from your vehicle due to it’s grease-cutting formula.

Not only do you have to wash your car but wax it as well. Waxing serves two purposes, protection & making your car pleasing to look at. At the end of the day, any wax is better then no wax at all. Another important step in taking care of your paint and clear coat is something called clay bar care. Contaminants that you can’t see but can feel end up on your car surface and a clay bar or clay mitt gets rid of those contaminants. To learn more about it click on this How To Clay Bar your vehicle So there you have it, just pick any wax and give it a try. You’ll be happy with the results.


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