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Some people take good care of their car, other’s treat like one of the family

Our mission is to restore you interior to the best condition possible.

Although your vehicle is guaranteed to look better once we provide service, one thing we can’t guarantee is every stain and blemish will be removed.

There are couple of factors that come into play when it comes to that situation, especially stains. You have to consider exactly what the stain is caused by and how long the stain has been sitting. Because of those factors we can’t make guarantees about stain removal but we will make the overall interior look better than before. 

Here goes the detailing procedure:

  1. Clean the door panel and door jambs.
  2. Clean the dash, center console and seats with non odor chemicals, microfiber towels, and brushes.
  3. Vacuum the interior.
  4. Shampooing the seats and carpets thoroughly.
  5. Odor removal and stain removal. The trunk will be included as well.
  6. Wash the exterior paint thoroughly. As well as the wheels and dress the tires for a nice shiny look.
  7. Apply a wax layer onto the exterior paint for that glossy look and also protection and finally clean the windows.


Nothing is too dirty to clean for us. How ever bad you think your car is we’ve probably seen worse. Don’t feel bad. If you would like to upgrade and have your exterior cleaned as well as your interior then check out our (full detail/price)


Additional fees:

  • $20 for mold
  • $20 for pet hair
  • $20 urine fee and vomit fee 

Interior Detail FAQs:

Yes we are mobile detailing company that comes to you. Whether that be at your home or your work place

Mcguires wax and it lasts 2 weeks to a month depending on the weather.

I need access to a hose and an electrical outlet.

No. Only paint correction does that and that is not a service I offer

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