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What Type of Vehicle Do You Have?

Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle

Vehicles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the approach to getting them detailed are all the same.

Here are a few tips for getting your type of vehicle detailed properly.

Coupes:  These are the easiest to detail because they are usually the smallest. The smaller the vehicle, the faster the car can be detailed. Coupes are usually somewhat luxurious cars’, so a major tip is to never hose off your vehicle with water and allow them to air dry. Water spots could become permanent and, become a greater threat than the original problem of cleaning the vehicle itself.

Sedans:  Just like any other type of vehicle, sedans need the same basic requirements of cleaning and maintenance. They should be getting washed on a regular basis and should also have some form of protection from dirt and the sun with products like wax and sealants. These types of vehicles are the most common that I deal with daily. I use the same products, tools, and techniques for all of them.

Pickups: These types of vehicles can get large, but the same rules apply with these types of vehicles. Because of the size of pick-ups, they may or may not take more time to complete the detail. One factor that comes into play is the amount of dirt the vehicle has collected. If you break the exterior of the vehicle down into sections and detail each section individually then you can complete the task of detailing it at an appropriate rate.

SUVs: SUVs can be overwhelming because of the size of the vehicle itself. They typically take the longest to detail, but once again the same rules apply. Just be prepared to spend an extra hour or two on the vehicle compared to a sedan or coupe.

Jeeps: These vehicles have a reputation for being the muddiest vehicles out there. If you happen to have a very muddy vehicle then most likely, you would be using the same techniques except wiping the dirt off once will not be enough. When there is thick dirt on the vehicle then sometimes you may have to go over a vehicle two or even three times with the cleaning process.

Minivan: Another type of vehicle that can be overwhelming due to its’ size. A large vehicle like this has a lot of paint to clean on its’ exterior and the sun and dirt are your biggest problems. After removing the dirt, you will want to protect the paint with a layer of wax or sealant protection. The paint job will last much longer so washing and waxing regularly will help a lot. The cleaning process never changes no matter what size the vehicle is.

Commercial Vans, RVs, Boats: Unfortunately, I do not detail these types of vehicles or boats because of the size and the different requirements they need to be detailed properly.

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